House Concerts, Student Showcases & Get-Togethers in Los Angeles, California – 30 Years Experience


Cynthia Brando + John O’Kennedy House Concert January 16, 2016

Enjoy regular performances and get-togethers at BA Music Studio! Songwriter Series / House Concerts / Happy Hours

I provide 1-2 big performances a year (others might call these “recitals”), featuring a wide variety of talent. You can also enjoy regular showcases throughout the year; these are more informal, and locations may vary.

As a musician, it’s important to do three things: 1) enjoy making music, 2) share music with others, and 3) meet other music-lovers. Some of these opportunities include:

  • meeting other pianists, singers, and songwriters your age
  • networking with DJs, producers, pro musicians, and actors that I teach
  • performing your original music…
  • …or teaming with another student to get a different take of your songs
  • duet opportunities!
  • happy hours