Songwriting & Composition Classes in Los Angeles, California – 30 Years Experience


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Bobby Apperson is a composer and songwriter of 20 years, and helps many budding writers and lyricists with their craft.

His speciality: singer-songwriters, who he loves to help learn to sing, play, write, and perform.

Bobby majored in Composition (piano focus) at the University of Texas at Austin, where he wrote for keys, strings, vocalists, and choirs, before turning to songwriting. His work covers Piano Pop, Art Song, Broadway, Classical, and incorporates Jazz chords and rhythms.

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Classes Cover These Topics:

  • chords & music theory: types and progressions; modes and scales; how to get that certain sound that Band X or Artist Y does that you want to incorporate into your own existing or budding style, but don’t want to make it sound plagiarized.
  • song structure and composition form: when to use a bridge, what to repeat, when to change your sections, when to alter chords
  • how to write a song / your first song! Including: lyric writing / free writing, / object writing, lyrics-first approach, music-first approach, melody-only approach
  • melody form: how to write a good melody or hook, how to write an effective chorus
  • performance opportunities / peer review and exposure: not only does Bobby help you with the above, you have opportunities to perform you original songs and compositions at studio events, or have other students perform them for you.
  • and above all else, how to be inspired to write, and how to start the process. This is very important, as everyone is different and as an artist, you have probably experienced self-imposed judgment of your work. You have good taste and you want your art to meet your standards. I can get you where you need to be so that you’re consistently producing, learning from setbacks (you have to write bad music to write good music, or “shit makes the best fertilizer”), and leveraging the bad to make the good. 


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I used to think that songwriting and composition was beyond me, that it was a gift only some people had and I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. I mean, I had sung in chorus some and had taken piano as a kid, but I couldn’t crack the code. When I started piano back up again as a lark with Bobby and then expressed my interest in songwriting, I wasn’t expecting much from myself to be honest. After all, who was I kidding? But, Bobby really helped to decrypt the structure of songwriting for me and little by little, I started to really get the hang of it. From just the basic four chord pop tune to adding in some more unexpected choices, I’m totally that singer-songwriter I always embarrassingly envisioned in my head. And, he’s been great with the vocals as well, helping me to know what works for my body and providing concrete tips for the kind of singing I want to do. Top-notch guy, definitely check him out.

— Tawal P, Songwriting, Voice, and Piano Student, 2014-2015

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