Song Lab

Saturday Song Lab is a collection of songwriters, lyricists, instrumentalists, writers, producers, and those who aspire to be — meeting to discuss current work, roadblocks, tips, and connect. It’s a structured group led by the studio and includes optional prompts – group assignments everyone completes and compares.


Examples of past meet-ups:

  • Take the lyrics to the Beatles’ Yesterday and write a new song with them
  • Write a short song based on a prompt, turn it in, and get someone else’s lyrics from the studio (no recording) – not knowing who wrote them, and write another short song with them. (Blind Cowriting). You wind up with a completely different musical version of the words you wrote!
  • Use the same 4 chords as everyone else to write a song in any format or style
  • Use a melody / hook as a jumping off point
  • Cowrite with an assigned partner based on your strengths and weaknesses (studio’s choice) – Intro to cowriting
  • Songwriting Challenge: Complete a pledged number of songs in a limited amount of time, the quicker the better!


Monthly, Saturdays

A structured songwriter meet-up with emphasis on new writers, support, and connections. Workshop a song, get an assignment or cowriter, share your ideas.

Free first time; $20 after

Facebook Group


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