Policies – Students Only

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Welcome aboard! I love meeting new students and look forward to working with you! To ensure things go smoothly, here are policies common to music studios across LA and the USA.

By booking a lesson at Bobby Apperson Music Studio, you agree to abide by the terms of this policy and to accept responsibility for payment of studio time, regardless of cancellation or rescheduling. Please read through this document carefully before signing up, and feel free to ask questions at any time! 

Lesson payment is due monthly in full in advance, by cash, check, or credit card.
Your monthly prepayment is due at your last lesson of the month – so please remember your payment method.

24 hours notice is required to reschedule a lesson for any reason, otherwise you will be automatically be charged for the lesson. If you can give more notice than 24 hours, great! BUT:

If you are unable to attend all the lessons you prepaid for a month your prepaid lessons can not carry over to subsequent months. You’re paying for a specific time on a specific day, not just a lesson. Rare emergency exceptions are OK.
Make-up lesson time is subject to availability.
If Bobby needs to reschedule a lesson, you are not charged.

Your lesson is ideally a set day or time of the week.
If you need to discontinue weekly lessons for any reason, please try to give 30 days notice of your intent.

Lastly (so much business!), please enjoy yourself, give me feedback (I like to hear from you), and enjoy music-making!
Why these policies? So we can focus on music.

Also note, there’s really no such thing as canceling a lesson; 
if we’ve scheduled it I’ve allotted that time for you and only you, 
and it can’t be given to anyone else. We can try to reschedule for 
a different time slot that day or week, or even month (3rd option).

I do this to ensure you utilize your weekly slot. In my experience and that of many other teachers, not doing this causes good students to occasionally skip a lesson (work, traffic, being tired). I am then often unable to fill that time if it’s short notice. Additionally this policy helps ensure you practice and get regular guidance – I love to see you, and I’m here to help you!

Also, day of:

To make sure things go smoothly, please allow plenty of time to arrive. If you’re early, just come on in, even if I’m with somebody else or you can wait outside if you wish!

As a courtesy, please try to text or call if you will be at all late for a lesson. After 10 minutes your lesson time has lapsed, if I haven’t heard from you, it will be treated as a cancellation and charged in full.

Please bring all your materials and any new assignments; similarly, any music you want to learn or listen to, please bring if you already have it. If not, we’ll find it together! (Sheet music and books cost extra however.)

Please have clean hands and clear minds when you enter. Children and parents, please wash your hands before piano lessons. Voice students, please bring a bottle or water.

Please, no food or open containers in the studio. Tea, etc., are OK, but not near the piano.

Please don’t come if you are sick; it gets me sick, then costs me lots of time and money! I can see 30 students in a week, and if just 1 is sick and I catch it, I have to cancel many of the rest. No bueno for anybody.