Piano & Keyboard Classes – Piano Classes in Los Angeles, California – 30 Years Experience

LEARN THE SONGS YOU LOVE: Piano Classes in Northeast LA

Learn from a pro. Bobby Apperson is an award-winning pianist of nearly 30 years, and plays and teaches any style, Bach to Beck.

Blues / Broadway / Classical / Indie / Jazz / Rock / Pop

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Piano & Keys instruction includes: Performance and expression/dynamics, technique & form, tempo, reading, improvising, fills, accompanying, playing by ear, playing piano reductions (solo piano based on a full band), playing while singing, arranging; and enjoying your favorite artists. Lessons are recommended 1-4 times a month, and are up to 90 minutes.

  • Any level, no experience required
  • Ages 5+. Private 1-on-1 lessons
  • Lead sheets, rhythm, improvisation, style, & interpretation

I teach piano, music theory, composition and songwriting lessons in Glassell Park/Eagle Rock in Northeast Los Angeles, California. I’m also a vocal and performance coach.

I began teaching when I was 16 to my peers and to other kids. Contact me for a lesson, no pressure and no obligations.

I’m a fun-loving but focused, laid back guy. I like doing things the right way while always keeping things fun.

Bobby Apperson

The difference studying with BA Music Studio:

  1. Any style. A lot of piano teachers know classical. End of list. I’ve performed, written, and teach anything, including jazz standards, Broadway, classical (Rachmaninoff to Beethoven). My favorite is probably piano pop: singer-songwriters, electro and indie pop, and alt / indie rock.
  2. Learn to sing that song, too! I’ve been singing since I was a kid, both solo and in choirs. I can teach you proper vocals, how to play piano while singing, and then some. Most piano teachers can’t do this.
  3. Learn to WRITE that song! I have a degree in writing music. I write songs, I compose, and I can teach you to do both, regardless of experience level.

3 teachers in one.

I love working with Bobby! This easygoing and extremely talented teacher offers multiple fun and creative solutions and drills to get your fingers moving in the right direction. He even makes chords and scales seem like a tropical vacation.

— Susan, Adult Student, Yelp (2014)

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