My Philosophy – BA Music Studio, Los Angeles, CA music lessons

BA Music Studio Philosophy Statement

On Music Itself: The Art

Music should be enjoyed. Always! Even when it’s sad or makes you uncomfortable. Those are good feelings to explore.

Learning can and should be fun. Even during moments when it may not seem like it is, the end results are confidence-building and will not be forgotten.

Music should always say something. (If you don’t know precisely what that is, that’s fine too)

Music should be shared, which means you will leave my studio able (and hopefully wanting) to play for others, or wanting show others how to play. I also provide performance opportunities.

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On Making & Learning Music

Everyone can and should learn & make music, and it should be fun and rewarding. Remember when you were a child and you were eager to sing and play? Or maybe you were more shy and only wanted to do so in private?

Well, you can. Many adults think they can’t, but anyone can learn music, singing, or piano. It takes a lot of time and patience to excel at music, but the investment is worth it – and I have beginner students playing basic songs in their first lesson and reading music within their first two lessons and new singers finding the right pitches (when they told me they never would). The long term commitment gains you the ability to read and interpret music on your own, as well as improvise, transpose a song to a different key, and much more.

It feels good to make music, and it should feel good to learn music.

On Teaching Music

The virtues I believe in as a teacher are

  • patience
  • individuality
  • enthusiasm (from both of us)
  • accuracy
  • communication and honesty

So what does this mean for you or your child? 

  1. Lessons are individually tailored: materials, style, and pace all vary by student. If you want to play rock and pop on piano, I won’t force you to play Bach fugues. BUT, you may benefit from exercises and studying other styles, and we will discuss it and your commitment to developing long-term skills.
  2. Teaching methods are varied and adjusted based on results! So if you’re more visual, we’ll explore that; if you are more aural, we will explore some learning by ear.
  3. I challenge my students to push past their comfort zones and to constantly learn, which enables them to accomplish much more than they thought they could when they first came in.
  4. I teach my students how to teach themselves: instead of telling you the note or only showing you how to play, I show you how to find the answer for yourself. I constantly show you why the answer is what it is, instead of just giving it to you to memorize. This enables a lifetime of learning and self discovery.
  5. I make sure you get things right before you leave so you have the tools you need until we meet again, and I make myself available to you for questions or concerns in between lessons.
  • variety & adaptability
  • having fun & humor
  • posing challenges
  • dedication
  • respect