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Full Music Offerings: Piano, Voice, Songwriting, Composition, & Chords

Subjects & Specialities

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+ Piano & Keyboard Performance

Performance and expression/dynamics, technique & form, tempo, reading, improvising, fills, accompanying, playing by ear, playing piano reductions (solo piano based on a full band), playing while singing, arranging; and enjoying your favorite artists. Lessons are recommended weekly; biweekly at most, though some producers, DJs, actors, and touring artists come in one a month or so.

Any level, no experience required. Ages 5+. Private Lessons.

Lead sheets, rhythm, improvisation, style, & interpretation

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+ Voice Lessons & Performance Coaching

Singing (while playing!) and showmanship; proper vocal technique: how not to strain your pipes! Your body is your instrument. Get a nice, proper sound and be happy with it.

Proper technique and support, style, interpretation, diction, and stage presence. Learn to play and sing as well!

All Ages, Private Lessons. Tags:* how to sing, learn to sing, vocals, vocal coaching, voice classes, singing, songs*

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+ Songwriting & Composition

How to pick the right chords and style; lyric, melody, and story writing/telling; song structure and building a story with the right form; instrumentation and accompaniment, and getting started with recording and production. Learn how to write, sing, and play your own music. Adults only (ask for child). Includes Music Theory & Ear Training (see below).

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+ Music Theory

Music theory is the study and science of music and how it’s put together. It’s the fundamentals of writing and understanding music, and a vital study for any musician or composer.

Includes: scales/modes, pitches, consonance and dissonance (tension & resolution), chords, rhythm, melody and harmony, structure and analysis, timbre, expression, instrumentation, and more.

Included in each lesson and in tandem with Songwriting/Composition lessons

+ Ear Training

How to hear certain pitches in relation to others: intervals, chords, scales, and when and where to use them. Aids in playing and singing by ear, as well as understanding and memorizing piano music and vocal harmonies. Vital to writing music as well.

Types of Lessons

at BA Music Studio

Includes all subjects at left.


  • 30 min (children)
  • 45 min (ages 11+)
  • 60 min (ages 14+)
  • inquire about pricing


Piano Performance
Group setting; learn while watching others learn, and offer constructive feedback for other students.
$20; 60-120 min

Music Theory Thursday
Learn chords, scales, and how to use them to play, write, and analyze music.
By Donation

Songwriters Group
Join for a group session of sharing songwriting efforts and learning from each others’ work.
Free first time; $20; Saturdays, 3pm every 3 weeks


Student Showcases & Recitals
Big events twice annually for all child and adult students, as well as friends and family; smaller student showcases occur throughout the year.

Studio Nights & Happy Hours
Open-houses for adult students and parents (mixers and sing-alongs), plus separate open houses for potential students.

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