Meet Bobby Apperson

I teach and play piano in Los Angeles, and am a voice and songwriting coach. I’m a composer, songwriter, singer, and lifetime music lover.

I began playing piano at age 7 and was forever smitten with learning music. I progressed very quickly and was a prodigy by middle school.

In middle school, my musical path was jumpstarted by a trip to New York City and seeing shows like Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and Guys and Dolls on Broadway. I began playing anything I could get my hands on, improvising, singing, composing, and playing gigs around town.

By high school I was winning multiple competitions and talent shows and performed as a featured artist with local youth orchestras in Corpus Christi, Texas. I studied with Carol Domasco and came along leaps and bounds under the new guidance. Carol has a direct line to Beethoven as a teacher – as do I!

I began teaching piano and music theory at the age of 16 to my peers and to kids.

Then it was off to Austin where at the University of Texas I studied composition (piano principal under Dr. Betty Mallard) and wrote for keys (of course) as well as voice and strings. I arranged and wrote new pieces for female vocalists and small ensembles and even songs for the larger show choir I was a member of for several years.

I was also in the choir as a kid and again through high school, so all in all I’ve been playing and singing — and playing for those singing! — for almost 30 years.*


*I’m a little older than I look.

Being a musician is a tremendous feeling and my goal is help others become musicians or improve their existing skills.

I teach, play, sing, song write, and compose, and I listen to music throughout my day. It’s a part of my routine and my regular thinking.

I live in Northeast Los Angeles, California with my partner Earnest Watts and a cat (Lola) and puppy (Molly).


I teach piano performance, songwriting, composition, improvisation, music theory and ear training as well as vocal and performance coaching.

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