Why Study Music? Bobby Apperson Music Studio, Los Angeles

Why study music? 

Music survives.

It sticks with you throughout the day and your life, and it’s one of mankind’s creations that persists across all cultures and time.

Making music makes you smarter and more alert.

Studying music and even listening to music while studying other subjects actually makes you more intelligent. If you’re a student, it helps you retain more information and bring up tests scores. Music changes the way your brain behaves and the earlier you begin studying music, the better.


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There are infinite combinations…

…of musical styles, instruments, performers, keys, beats, and lyrics so even if you think you wouldn’t enjoy learning and creating music — how will you know until you’ve at least scratched the surface? Above all else, music is emotion and stories and tradition.

Making and Studying Music makes you:

  • more confident
  • a quicker learner
  • more empathetic
  • able to draft and achieve short and long-term goals
  • measurably smarter

Why study piano? 

The piano is one of the most accessible, relatively easy to learn instruments. Its sound is pleasing and sticks out in an ensemble and unlike many other instruments, it can be played while singing – or even with just one hand. And of course knowing how to play piano means you can play any keyboard with any electronic sound sample.

All vocalists must learn how to play at least basic piano, and most composers or songwriters write using a piano – even if the piano is never used in the final piece. It’s that ubiquitous and flexible. All music theory is learned on piano or taught in conjunction with the piano.

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