Photos: Rehearse and Teach at Songsmith LA in Silver Lake! New music studio space

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_d2e6Join us in the new Silver Lake music studio! Our music room is available to rent by the hour for piano, guitar, singing, songwriting, and more. Other teachers are welcome to teach their own students here at our school, and all are welcome to practice and write here.

Book our Silver Lake (LA) rehearsal space online >>

New music studio in Silver Lake in the middle of it all! We have 5 music teachers and our practice room is available by the hour for your teaching, practicing, jamming needs.

— Nice upright Yamaha piano
— Nord Stage 2 Ex keyboard
— AC!
— Great atmosphere and mix of modern + midcentury decor
— Seating & materials, including books
— Super fast Wifi
— Sonos and bluetooth speakers
— Studio monitors
— Water cooler and bathroom access
— Blackout curtains
— Loading access (rolling door)
— Separate main meeting + office space
— Selection of written books (music, creative process), piano books, music theory, and more.
— Great for pianists, composers, songwriters, singers, collaborators, small workshops & rehearsals, and teaching. Electric guitar available.

Hit us up! We’re just down from the Lyric-Hyperion theater cafe.


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