Songsmith LA in Print: Did you miss our interview with Voyage LA?

Songsmith LA Collage 01 Nov 2017

Check out Bobby’s November 2017 interview with Voyage LA about Songsmith LA, his journey, the school, and making music in Los Angeles. Link below!

We specialize in making music fun! No, really. Most of the hundreds of students I’ve taught in LA have said the same thing: We make it fun. Many adult students came to me, most after a long absence from lessons, and said their teachers growing up were strict and made them hate lessons. Even some transfer students have said that about some piano teachers in Los Angeles, which always surprises me. Isn’t music supposed to be fun and rewarding?

The other difference is that we specialize in songwriters and singer-songwriters. That’s certainly not exclusive, but this is LA and we get a lot of budding musicians. Some are in bands, some tour, some are big producers, but they all want to either learn something new or polish their existing knowledge. That’s the difference a school provides versus when it was just me; if a songwriter is studying voice, lyric-writing, chords, and keys with me but wants to pick up guitar, well I can send them to one or more of our 3 teachers who play guitar, which I don’t!

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