Meet Dylan Bean, our new piano teacher extraordinaire with an Eagle Rock studio!

Y’all, we’re happy to introduce a new songsmith on the roster, Dylan Bean! He’s a pianist, crooner, and songwriter, and his style is vintage rock. He plays and teaches classical to classic rock. More about piano lessons with Dylan >>

In his own words:

Join me on a musical adventure!

I am a classically-trained pianist teaching students in Northeast Los Angeles. My focus is on teaching you to become a fluent reader and also how to combine chords to create your own songs. Take lessons in my home studio or at your own home.

I believe that music is a community-building activity and encourage my students to get out there and experience live music. I often organize trips to the symphony and other concerts happening in Los Angeles (many of them are free!).

Why learn to play the piano with me?

I understand the importance of music in everyday life. I’m not motivated by awards and competitions. I’m in love with the practice itself. Music is a strong community-builder and I want to share my knowledge to better the community.
I was trained in classical music from a young age by many great teachers. I wrote my first composition titled “Snowfall” when I was six years old. My dad collected classical music on cassette tapes and I consumed them hungrily. I’ll never forget my first listen to Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf.
Later I studied piano performance at the University of Utah where I focused on works by living composers. I loved the experimentation and freshness of new music. While a student, I started a performance series that brought classical music into non-traditional public settings like libraries, parks and bus stations. I believed that music should be enjoyed by everyone and not limited to the concert hall.
Today my focus is on the art of songwriting. I released by first album of songs in 2016 titled “At What Point Did I Lose All Control?” which was heavily inspired by the short stories of Raymond Carver. You can also hear a little bit of Debussy’s influence in there. Since the release I have performed these songs around L.A. in jazz clubs, bars and art galleries.
Being a student in my studio means having access to my musical community. I’m all about collaboration and giving my students opportunities to take their knowledge and apply it in new and interesting ways.

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