Changes at Songsmith LA: An array of new teachers taking over for Bobby!

Hello LA, Bobby here, I’ve not written in awhile! While I was WordPress absent I asked my students to entrust other Songsmiths – new teachers, that is — with their music learning.

In other words I’ve stepped away from teaching voice, piano, and songwriting in LA to direct Songsmith LA’s new teachers. It’s super exciting and scary at the same time! It’s a brave new world.

songsmith-teachers-July-2017The process was long. I screened, shadowed, and hired several new coaches across LA. They are recording artists, producers, opera singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists and they’re all multitalented. Meaning I didn’t pick anyone who only does one thing.

Why did I do this? Well, there was only one of me and I couldn’t handle all my students, for one. I also don’t teach certain things, like guitar, mixing, and drums, and can only be in one location (and let’s be real, only in the afternoons). I want to focus on the direction and quality of the school while also doing my own writing: music, and a music book.

I’m finding our students are loving the new teachers and the flexibility of having a choice of teacher and location while still staying with the school! Further, if you’re taking piano lessons for example and decide to start playing guitar and songwriting, you may not have to even change teachers. Fun.

Stayed tuned for more and thank you for being a part of this exciting transition!

Bobby Apperson, Director
Songsmith LA


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