Creative Life Coach at Songsmith LA: How can a personal music guru help you succeed?

Close your eyes.

What do you envision in the next 2, 5, 10, and 20 years for your creative career?

It doesn’t matter what you’re pursuing or even remotely dreaming of inching toward.

  • Are you a singer?
  • A meek pianist who’s never written a song?
  • A songwriter who hasn’t recorded or released a track into the wild?
  • Wanting to produce? Write loops?
  • Get into music publishing or licensing?
  • Just play in a band with other parents or peers?

No matter your leanings, venturing into the music field can be daunting.

Just recently we posted about how your musical competition may actually be more psychological than social – sure, there’s an immense pool of talent in major cities, but if you’re doing something to set yourself apart then people—your potential audience, or clients, colleagues, or employers—begin to take notice.

That’s where we come in. Songsmith LA provides top-rated voice coaching and singing lessons, piano classes, songwriting and composition sessions, and music lessons covering all of the above.

Many of our clients are budding singer-songwriters, producers itching to improve their skills on keys, and musicians of all stripes—guitarists, singers, and even long-time classical pianists—in need of the music theory knowledge they need to grasp, create, and produce the music they are so passionate about.

But that’s not where music lessons should stop yet all too often, typical, traditional lessons do.

We have a strong passion for comprehending and taming human psychology and utilizing the full power of our mind and passion to tackle any hurdles.

What do these hurdles look like? For adult musicians and students, they’re frequently

  1. time
  2. money
  3. self-doubt, and
  4. misperceptions.

There’s a lot of overlap between 1-2 and 3-4 in particular so these limitations tend to self-perpetuate. But what can you do about them?

Songsmith LA provides not just technical music lessons. Learning anything new, especially as an adult, and specifically if you are eyeing a career or skill change or realignment, is tremendously daunting. It can be a years-long journey or even a lifetime.

What sets us apart from a typical music school is our ability to connect. We connect with you first: What do you need to succeed? Do you need help with your practice schedule? Not sure if you should go it alone musically or with a partner?

We listen to you and assess how best to get you on track. Do you need an immersive program at another school? Or just a handshake with the right person? Or like so many busy adults, a musical outlet every week and a venting session for some good old-fashioned encouragement?

Creative Coaching with your music regimen is about more than just getting a music lesson and a pat on the back. It’s about looking at your idols and how they achieved what they did.

How did they handle their inevitable setbacks? And who do you know, and who do they know, who can inspire, assist, or connect you?

And we connect you with others. Don’t just get the music lessons you need; come to a mixer, or ask for a private introduction. Need a producer? Do you write great electronic but don’t sing? Are you stuck on re-working the chorus for that one great track?

Songsmith LA can help. Come to our next Musician Meet-Up or drop us a line! What’s your passion?

What sets Songsmith LA apart from a typical music school is our ability to connect you with other writers, producers, lyricists, singers, players, and creative class professionals in all aspects of Los Angeles life, be it film, TV, music licensing, publishing, or even web development and advertising.

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