Speed Songwriting: Write for the Garbage Can

1469653672It’s true that most of what a writer produces never gets published, recorded, or released. Consider it practice.

Wonderful advice from Speed Songwriting:

After hearing a 3 or 4 minute song that seems so perfect, many people get the impression that it was written in the way they heard it…

…in a short flash of inspiration.

And even though we know better, we can be overly critical of our songwriting too soon in the process.

Johnny Mercer said he used to write for the waste basket. Write just to write. Only edit once you have enough material to work with. 🗑✍

Authors don’t write books in one sitting. Composers don’t create masterpieces in minutes. If you follow the Speed Songwriting System, you can probably write a song in an afternoon. But you still shouldn’t expect to use every word and note you write.

Read the full article: http://speedsongwriting.com/write-for-the-garbage-can/

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